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  • Dates: April 18, 2015 - June 13, 2015
  • Format: 16 Game Schedule - Saturday Doubleheaders
  • Team Fee: $895
  • Team Registration Opens: Monday, January 5, 2015
  • Background Check for Coaches: [Information & Steps]

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League Schedules & Information

Super League - 400+ Teams: The League will begin, Saturday April 18 for the 2015 season. There will be three optional league tournaments (Wendover Icebreaker, Pocatello, Idaho Falls) during the regular season. Two games will count towards your teams Super League record in each Tournament. If you do not participate in a League Tournament your team will be scheduled for regular League games on those dates. The League will have a bye week for our annual Memorial Day Tournament. No league games will be scheduled Saturday, May 23rd.

Coaches: League Rosters are required. Player Profiles will need to be completed by each Parent unless they have already done so for a Tournament. To fill out your Roster [Click Here] to Login to RoomRoster.

Schedules:  Travel will be limited as much as possible.  However, teams may play teams outside of their Region.  Teams also may play the same team twice during the season.  We ask each team to "Rank Your Team" during the registration process.  This will assist us in scheduling games with similar teams.

We ask that you re-check your schedules every Monday Night prior to your games. Schedules may change due to unforeseen circumstances.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and adapting to any schedule changes. If your schedule is changed Monday after 9 PM or later the week of your games, we will send you an e-mail notifying you of the change.   

Fields: If you have a field that is available and you would like to use it as your home field please eMail Us.

Tournament of Champions Qualifier: Super League is a Qualifier for the Tournament of Champions.  The amount of teams that qualify through Super League will depend on how many open spots remain for the Tournament of Champions.  Teams will be selected based off of Record and Strength of Schedule.

Background Checks for Coaches: All Head and Assistant Coaches for Super League will be REQUIRED to complete a background check every 3 years in order to coach.  We are taking this step to help protect our players and coaches in this difficult era. We thank all coaches for their dedication and countless hours of service.  Please realize this is a safeguard for our children.  Click here for instructions to complete the background check.  The deadline for the background checks is March 31. There is a small fee required. Coaches will be contacted if there are any questions or concerns regarding their background check results.  



Playing Dates

The League will be divided into 4 Regions:

  • Idaho Region
  • Northern Utah Region
  • Salt Lake Valley Region
  • Utah Valley Region

Super League Dates: Saturday Doubleheaders
Week 1: Saturday, April 18th
Week 2: Saturday, April 25th
Week 3: Saturday, May 2nd - Optional Wendover Tournament (11u, 12u, 14u)
Week 4: Saturday, May 9th - Optional Pocatello Tournament
Week 5: Saturday, May 16th
Week 6: Saturday, May 30th
Week 7: Saturday, June 6th 
Week 8: Saturday, June 13th - Optional Idaho Falls Tournament
Rain Out Make-up Date #1: Saturday, June 20th
Rain Out Make-up Date #2 (if needed):
Saturday, June 27th

Playing Locations

We would like to thank the below Cities and Organizations for being a part of Super League!
Alpine Lehi Rose Park Little League
Brigham City Logan Salem
Centerville Lone Peak Youth Baseball Salt Lake City
Chubbuck Malad Smithfield
Deseret Peak McCammon South Jordan
Dewyville Millville South Weber
Farmington Youth Baseball Murray Spanish Fork
Garland North Salt Lake Springville High School
Grantsville High School Ogden West Haven
Heber City North Salt Lake West Jordan
Highland Ogden West Jordan Little League
Idaho Falls Park City Westside Babe Ruth
Kaysville Plain City Willard
Layton Providence Woods Cross

Super League Great 8 Championships

The Best 2 Records from each Region plus 2 At-Large Teams will Qualify. At-Large teams will be selected based off League Standings and Strength of Schedule. The Idaho Region and Northern Utah Region will be combined for qualification.  Teams will then be Seeded 1 thru 8. League games played after June 21 will NOT be taken into consideration for the Great 8 Teams. Teams that do not have ALL of their scores entered and a minimum of 12 games scheduled will not be eligible to participate. Also, teams Ranked as a "3" will not be eligible.

Player Eligibility: Players are only eligible to play in the Great 8 if they have played Super League games with that team.


History of Super League

Super League began in 1994 with a total of 14 teams in two total Age Divisions. Most of the original teams were from Cache County, Weber County, and Davis County. The intent for Super League from the beginning was to give kids more baseball opportunities and to provide a supplement to city recreation leagues. This is still RMSB's goal for Super League which now covers the Intermountain West with teams from Southeast Idaho, Cache Valley, and all along the Wasatch Front from Brigham City to Nephi. There has been many teams come and go in the past 20 years.  We thank the dedicated coaches, parents, and players, past and present, for making Super League into what it is today; A "400" team league that gives kids unimaginable baseball opportunities and experiences.

League Provides

The League will Provide the Following during the Super League Season:

  • Game Baseballs
  • Umpires
  • Playing Fields
  • Online Game Schedules
  • Online League Standings
  • Team Websites (available 3rd week of April)

Code of Conduct

Rocky Mountain School of Baseball has implemented a Code of Conduct for the benefit of the players (our children). Our purpose is to create baseball opportunities for the youth in a comfortable and safe environment. All participants (coaches, parents, players) must understand their role in youth baseball. We deem it necessary to implement a Code of Conduct for RMSB Tournaments and Leagues. We ask for your cooperation and assistance in following this code. Coaches and parents will have the opportunity to AGREE to the Code of Conduct during online registration.

[Read the "Code of Conduct"]


Age Divisions

Age Cutoff Date: May 1, 2015

  •  8u - Must be 8 or younger on April 30, 2015
  •  9u - Must be 9 or younger on April 30, 2015
  • 10u - Must be 10 or younger on April 30, 2015
  • 11u - Must be 11 or younger on April 30, 2015
  • 12u - Must be 12 or younger on April 30, 2015
  • 13u - Must be 13 or younger on April 30, 2015
  • 14u - Must be 14 or younger on April 30, 2015 OR *(8th grade '14-'15)
  • 16u - Must be 16 or younger on April 30, 2015 OR *(9th/10th grades '14-'15)

*Grade Exception: Players in the corresponding grade will be allowed to play even if they are not "age appropriate" on April 30th. This is only effective in the 14u & 16u Age Divisions. 


Field Dimensions

Age Division Caught 3rd Strike Leading Off Mound Bases
8u NO NO 44' 60'
9u NO NO 44' 60'
10u YES NO 44' 60'
11u YES YES 48' 70'
12u YES YES 48' 70'
13u YES YES 54' 80'
14u YES YES 60', 6" 90'
16u YES YES 60', 6" 90'


Participating League Teams

  • Participating Teams by Age Division

    8u - Teams

    9u - Teams

    10u - Teams

    11u - Teams

    12u - Teams

    13u - Teams

    14u - Teams

    16u - Teams


Forming or Finding a Team

  • Forming a Team
    Anyone is welcome to organize and form a team to play in our tournaments and leagues. To help you find players for your team, we provide a list of interested and available players in our Talent Pool. We invite you to use this list as a resource.

    May 1st is the cutoff date used. Example: If you are forming a 12u team, all players must be 12 or younger on April 30th of the season you are playing in. There are no boundary restrictions. Teams are required to provide their own uniforms and equipment. We provide baseballs for all of our events.

    We provide teams the opportunity to sign up online on our web site. We accept most credit cards. We also provide team websites for teams that participate in our Super League at no additional cost.
  • Finding a Team
    If you are not interested in forming your own team, you are welcome to submit your playerís name on our Talent Pool. Our Talent Pool is a list of players that are looking to find a team. Coaches refer to this list when trying to fill spots on their teams. There is no fee for this service. The Talent Pool is located on the Home Page of our web site.

    Also on our Home Page; we offer a page dedicated to Team Tryouts or Want Ads. Teams that need players list information regarding available spots on their teams. We encourage players interested in finding a team to refer to this page often.

    We only accept team registrations for our events. We do not take individual registrations. If you are unable to find a team using the above resources, donít hesitate to Contact Us. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for as many kids as possible to play the game of baseball.

League Policies

  • Minimum Refund/Cancellation Policy
    90% refund - Cancellation 10 or more days prior to start of League
    60% refund - Cancellation 10 or less days prior to start of League
    No refund - Cancellation mid-season
  • Weather/Rainout Policy
    Make-up dates for rained out games are set aside at the beginning of the year and are posted on the league page accordingly. It is each teamís responsibility to mark these make-up dates on your calendar. We will always offer as many make-up dates as necessary for rained out games. No refunds will be given for rainouts.


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